Your personal gift registry to share with your friends and family

Meaningful Gift-Giving, Made Simple

The MyLineup personal registry app is your central resource  to positively change the way you give and receive gifts! 


Unlimited Wishlists

Create wishlists for all occasions;
holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more!


Build Your
Customized Profile

Share your favorite stores and brands, size information, likes, hobbies, and interests!


Receive Event Reminders Of Those You Love

Get notifications and never miss another birthday, anniversary or special event again!

Create Kid's Accounts To Share With Family For Easy Birthday and Holiday Gift-Giving

Build profiles and unlimited wishlists for each of your kids – or even your furry friends – using our “Little Ones” feature.

Share profiles and wishlists with your extended family and friends through your Connections on the app. Be sure to include the child’s sizes, top brands and stores, as well as a list of their favorites for custom gift-giving ideas!

Track Our Growth With Us

Our team is a small group of folks from the midwest whose goal is to 
bring people closer together by showing love and care through meaningful gift-giving. Follow us as we grow in downloads and users, and continue to upgrade the app with new features. 

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Build Your Custom Profile

With an account at MyLineup Hub, you can customize your profile to share insightful and meaningful information with your closest friends and family. Start with your photo, and add your birthday and anniversary dates so your Connections so they will receive notifications of your special events! 

Be sure to include your clothing and sizing preferences, as well as your top stores and brands! What’s even more fun? We’ve built a section for your likes, interests and hobbies. Your Connections can view your profile to get ideas for custom gifts you will love! 

Not a great gift-giver? Check out your connections’ profiles for ideas! 

What Our Users Say

Natalie B.
Ceo, Company

Keeping my extended family updated on gift ideas for my boys has always been an experience. My mom literally asks for Christmas ideas in October, which makes me panic! Calls, texts, and emails updating family on sizes, interests, and what they like is covered now!
I put info and ideas in the app and connect with my family, including my mother - ha! When I update any info, it's at her fingertips! With the 'Mark as Purchased' feature, everyone knows what's been purchased. SO MUCH EASIER! And my mom is happy, so there we go!

Kami S.
Husband, Dad

Being able to keep all of the things I see that I want in one place that I can share with family and friends is so convenient! My favorite part is the ability to add a Little One's account. I can add items for my daughter and alleviate family calling me asking what size she's currently wearing/what she's into, etc. The app is also super user-friendly. I quickly add things I find and connect to my friends and family so we can all see each others' likes and wants. Get this app now! It will make your shopping and gift-giving so much easier!

Tara J.
Ceo, Company

I was so excited to be able to set up my birthday Wishlist in just a couple of quick minutes! It was super easy! And with having family in-town AND out-of-state (and with multiple shopping price-points), I LOVED that I could add items from my favorite local sites, and was NOT just limited to one big-box company and their platform. Local items, name-brand chain items, AND gift card ideas...all in one spot and sent to family with a quick text share! Turns out I can get what I want AND still be surprised by the purchaser...WINNING! 🤗

Adam A.
Ceo, Company

My family loves being able to create “Little Ones” Profiles and Wishlists for my kids. We share them with our friends and extended family for birthdays, and Christmas this year has been a HUGE timesaver by using the app. MyLineup Hub has kept my family more organized and has saved us hours of sending emails and texts to each family member with our kid's Wishlists. Our entire family highly recommends the MyLineup app on this feature alone! Also, I love the reminder feature for my anniversary and my wife's birthday! I won't miss those dates again!

Christopher M.
Ceo, Company

This app is the ultimate stress reliever for guys! I’m set in all aspects of my life; husband, father & son. I add ideas during the year to my Profile, and when my birthday or holidays come around, my connections have many options to feel like they are still surprising me, but I’m also getting something I really want! A Win-Win!! And I can peak at my wife’s, daughter’s or extended family’s lists to make sure my gifts will impress (especially if I have to shop last-minute)! Shopping stress is now gone!!

Kirk J.
Ceo, Company

I find it really helpful to have somewhere to
put things that I want and need the minute I am thinking of them, especially when I am online or browsing through stores like Home Depot. I am someone who tends to forget things, and I freeze up when someone asks me if there is anything I want or need for my birthday or for Christmas. I love being able to add all sorts of different things to my MyLineup Hub Wishlists and then share it immediately with my extended family and my friends.

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Meaningful Gift-Giving,
Made Simple

MyLineup Hub is your new personal gift registry to share with your closest friends and family! Create your profile, add “Little Ones” under your account, start building your Wishlists, and add your Connections.
Yep – it really is just that easy. Get started today.

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